About Us


I thoroughly enjoyed a fulfilling 5 years stint as a Part-Time Mathematics Tutor before moving on to teach in a Full-Time capacity. I am currently doing relief-teaching in nearby primary schools and private tutoring after school hours. I pride myself in being an understanding and passionate tutor, dedicated to mastery of Mathematics. This is effected by translating my drive for solving complex Mathematical questions into a clear and concise teaching approach that is structured to help students easily understand and appreciate the logic of Mathematics.


To infuse mathematical fervour, forging future champions


To help all Primary school incumbents achieve Band 1 /  Grade 1 / A* or Perfect score


The foundation of Swift Formula is built on two crucial elements - Speed & Flexibility.


  • To train students to be intuitive and swift (but not careless) when approaching Mathematical questions
  • Being swift and concise translates into having more time to solve more complex questions as well as to double-check answers


  • To equip students with an armoury of methods to solving Mathematical questions
  • To train students to analyse and decipher the easiest method to solving any question

Above all, it is my firm conviction that Mathematics lessons can be made fun and enjoyable whilst guiding students to master their Mathematical language.