Location & Direction

Residential Address: Block 219 Bukit Batok Street 21, Singapore 650219
                                                    (Open the above image in new tab to enlarge it for a clearer image)

If you have internet access, "Swift Formula" can be found using Google Map. It has been officially updated with the exact location.

For those unfamiliar with the given address, I'm able to pick the student up directly from Bukit Batok MRT Station. The entire route will be fully sheltered and takes around 10 minutes of brisk walk from the MRT.

Please do plan and make provision for additional travelling time if needed so the student can be punctual.

Food choices available within the vicinity of my residence:
  • West Mall (KFC, PizzaHut, MacDonald, BurgerKing, Pastamania etc)
  • Hawker Centres @ Block 633, 643 & 217

Instructions on Walking Path from MRT

1) After exiting, walk straight out of the MRT control station and you will see McDonald's on your right. Walk down all the way, following the elevated path where the lady is standing on.

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2) At the end of the path, you will see Block 644A. Take the hidden path to the right of the building where the man carrying a yellow plastic bag is heading. At the end of the path, you will continue down a flight of stairs to the Bus Stop.

3) Cross the overhead bridge connecting the 2 bus stops. Walk under the left of the building shown beside the entrance of the carpark. You will reach a connecting shelter between Block 225 and 223, shown in the next picture.

4) Cross the connecting shelter from the right to left and walk under the block until you reach another connecting shelter shown in the following picture.

5) Cross the connecting shelter from left to right. Turn left and walk under the block until you see the garbage dump.

6) The garbage dump will be on your left. Walk under the short block in the middle of the picture and finally you will reach the destination.

7) You will see the playground behind this short block in the image above. Head across the playground, make a right turn into Block (Block 219).

If you still cannot find your way, you can call me @ 8488 6446 and I'll guide you from there.