My Personal Experience

Being once the Top Mathematics student in my Primary school, I scored a full 100 marks for P6 Prelims and A*(Probably also 100%) in PSLE (Images inserted below). I have also regularly competed in highly-acclaimed Mathematics Olympiad during my Primary and Secondary education.

As an average student, my parents first signed me up for tuition in Primary 3. To me, tuition was just like supplementary class after school. Little did I know, my private tutor saw my hidden potential in Mathematics yet he didn't breathe a word to anyone. He slowly drew my attention to Mathematics, guided me patiently and deeply inspired this interest within me to solve Mathematics questions.

From then on, as many of you would have guessed, I began to develop a passion for Mathematics and my results began to improve tremendously. I saw Mathematics as a subject in which I could achieve a perfect score and this fervour for Mathematics kept on growing stronger than I had imagined. By the end of Primary 4, I was already vastly ahead of my school learning syllabus. As a result, my tutor began exposing me to more elaborate topics such as Algebra etc., which I found great enjoy learning about and solving. By Primary 5, I had already as a result; completed learning the entire Mathematical syllabus for Primary School under my tutor's guidance.

As my passion for Mathematics kept soaring, I scored a perfect 100/100 for my Primary 6 Preliminary examination and became the Top Mathematics student in the school. It took me half the given time to complete the paper, and a quarter of it to double-check for careless mistakes. Frankly, the last quarter was spent just people-watching. Following, I also nailed my PSLE Mathematics with an A*.

Eventually, I lost contact with my private tutor as Secondary level tuition wasn't offered. However, until this very day, I remain exceedingly grateful to my private tutor for broadening my learning horizon as well as in helping me realise my passion for Mathematics.

Like any great educator, his intense fervour and passion in teaching Mathematics will continue to serve as an inspiration here at Swift Formula. We believe in continuing the tradition of inspiring, encouraging and exciting students on subject of Mathematics, one student at a time. We continue to pledge ourselves to instill Mathematical fervour and forge future champions.