Why join Swift Formula

At Swift Formula, we set sky-high expectations and work doubly hard with students towards achieving our dream.

For Primary school students in standard/foundation stream, our target will be Band 1 / Grade 1 / A* or 100 marks. It is an arduous task but by no means impossible for all Swift Formula students who are willing to go the distance with hard work as well as determination. I am testament to the fact it can been done and there is every possibility for success if one is willing.

Unlike a typical Tuition Centre that teaches at the average learning pace of students, we cater and customise lessons for each student according to their existing capacity and knowledge of Mathematics. We closely monitor our students' growth by creating individually personalised portfolios that allows us to evaluate coursework quality and their academic achievement. This gives us a clear indication of our students' progress and allows us to simultaneously improve our teaching approaches as well as class materials, so as to best aid their learning.

Swift Formula will cater to lesson timings best suited to your needs. We are flexible in our lesson timings throughout the week, regardless of holidays or public holidays. Swift Formula is open to all students from Mondays to Sundays. In the event that you are unable to attend a class, make-up lesson can be arranged within the week.